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Flea Markets & Farmers Markets in Minnesota

Looking for something to do that is free on a Saturday or Sunday in Minnesota? There are plenty of MN flea markets and Farmers Markets that you can visit. The flea markets and Farmers Markets are usually held outside with the vendors renting booth space to sell their wares. It's fun to walk around and see what everyone has for sale.

Flea Markets are kid friendly and pet friendly so you can bring the whole family for a walk. I have seen all kinds of pets at flea markets walking around with their owners, there are some interesting characters walking around flea markets and pets are almost an attraction of their own. Some of the flea markets in Minnesota have both vendors that sell secondhand items and new surplus items. Many people scout flea markets in MN for antiques, collectables and inexpensive items at bargain prices. Many flea markets in Minnesota also have food vendors who sell snacks and drinks.

Flea Market List in Minnesota

Farmers Markets in MN are in almost every community even on week days. Farmers Markets provide people with fresh food straight from the farm and some offer organic fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses. You'll also find honey, jams, fresh baked bread, soaps, flowers and plants. Each farmers market in Minnesota has something different as the products are locally grown by farmers in your area. It's good to know where your food comes from and how it is grown. Farmers Markets have a much wider variety of fresh food than a grocery store. Produce from a farmers market is usually picked early that morning so you are getting food at the peak of it's freshness.

Farmers Market List in Minnesota

So if you are looking to get out and some fun, take a walk and breathe some fresh air; visit one of the many flea markets or Farmers Markets near you.


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